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First World Hybrid Real Estate Plc ("FWHRE") is a real estate investment company that invests in a combination of direct real estate and listed real estate investment trusts ("REITS").

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Fund Objective

The objective of this fund is to combine the benefits of direct and listed First World real estate to generate a reliable, predictable and growing income. With the majority of the return generated from the income yield, the investment outcome can be anticipated with a reasonable degree of certainty.

This reliable and predictable income is achieved by investing in a diversified portfolio of UK distribution and retail warehousing, food stores and regional offices...

  • The properties are well located in the United Kingdom and are not of a specialised nature.
  • The tenants are large, multinational and/or listed companies.
  • Long term leases are in place.
  • The tenants are responsible for all operating cost outgoings including maintenance and insurance of each property.
  • The leases have upwards only reversions.
  • Growth in the net income will arise from any rental increases which are contained in the leases and upward rent adjustments in terms of the contractual lease reviews.


The fund invests in a portfolio of primarily direct real estate, listed REITS and cash. The higher weighting in direct real estate can be attributed to the higher yields relative to listed real estate. The cash and REITs provide liquidity for redemptions.

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