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REIT Holdings

Offering liquidity and diversification

Our REIT Strategy

  • FWHRE invests into substantial, diversified REITs to maintain liquidity.
  • REITs contribute substantially to the liquidity of FWHRE in that they are readily traded on first world stock exchanges.
  • The REITs chosen for FWHRE are all market leaders which are committed to dividend payments.
  • The REIT portfolio in FWHRE has geographical diversification, as well as sectoral diversification, with an emphasis towards distribution type property.

The current REIT portfolio
is summarised in the
table below:

Security Gross Dividend Yield Market Cap Index Property Sector Exposure
LXI REIT 6.8% £1.6bn FTSE 250 22% Healthcare, 21% Hotels, 19% Theme Parks, 9% Foodstores, 7% Industrial, 22% Other  
Segro PLC 3.6% £8.8bn FTSE 100 100% Industrial (warehousing/ logistics)
LondonMetric Property PLC 5.4% £1.7bn FTSE 250 44% Urban Logistics, 31% Distribution, 22% Long Income, 3% Retails Parks & Offices
Tritax Big Box REIT PLC 4.9% £2.3bn FTSE 250 24% Online Retail, 19% Food Retail, 15% Homeware & DIY, 17% Other Retail, 11% Manufacturing, 9% Logistics & Distribution, 5% Other
Urban Logistics REIT PLC 6.8% £0.6bn FTSE 250 100% Urban Logistics
Figures as at 30 September 2023