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Key Individuals

Board of Directors & Committees


  • Russell Collister


  • Craig Ewin


  • Mark Grace

    Independent Director

  • Philip Scales


  • Beth Greenhalgh

    Independent Director

  • David Elliott


  • Duggan Matthews


Property Managers

  • Roger Perkin

    BA LLB, admitted attorney of the High Court

  • Peter Sparks

    BSc (Hons) MTRP MRICS

Investment Committee

All investment decisions relating to the Fund are taken by the First World Hybrid Real Estate investment committee which consists of a team of investment professionals from Marriott Asset Management (Pty) Ltd, and FIM Capital Limited. Decisions are team-based and are informed by the advice and information provided to the committee on a regular basis by the different service providers. The Investment Committee reports directly to the Board of Directors.

Risk Audit & Compliance Committee

This Committee is chaired by Beth Greenhalgh, with David Elliott and Philip Scales as members. The meetings also include representatives from FIM Capital Limited. The Committee is responsible for overseeing the audit of the Fund and monitoring it’s financial reporting, compliance and risk modelling. The Committee reports directly to the Board of Directors.

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